Gabriel Zentner

Assistant Professor of Biology
Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology Program
Principal Investigator

Affiliate, Medical Sciences Program
Affiliate, Biochemistry Graduate Program

Faculty profile | CV

Ph.D., Case Western Reserve University, 2011
Postdoctoral Fellow, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, 2011-2015

Gabe grew up not far from Bloomington in Indianapolis. He attended college at Purdue University (gasp!), where he majored in Cell, Molecular, and Developmental Biology and gained experience in molecular biology, microbiology, and developmental biology studying sporulation in Bacillus anthracis and hair cell development in zebrafish. He then joined the Biomedical Sciences Training Program at Case Western Reserve University, pursuing Ph.D. studies under the mentorship of Dr. Peter Scacheri in the Department of Genetics and Genome Sciences. There, he studied the chromatin remodeling enzyme CHD7, mutated in CHARGE syndrome, and the chromatin structure of ribosomal DNA. He then traveled to Seattle for a postdoctoral fellowship with Dr. Steven Henikoff, where he studied the in vivo functions of SWI/SNF-family ATPases using epigenomic technologies and developed the ChEC-seq method for mapping of genome-wide protein binding.

Broadly speaking, Gabe is interested in transcriptional regulation, particularly at the level of initiation. He is also interested in the development and application of new epigenomic methodologies for studying transcription and protein binding.

When not in the lab, Gabe can be found spending time with his wife, Betsy, their cats, Mario and Iggy, and their poodles, Roxy and Cora. Gabe and Betsy torture themselves several times a week at Hoosier Athletic Club. Gabe is also an avid guitar player.