Jason Tourigny

Research Associate

M.A., Duke University, 2013

Jay hails from the northeast, which he quickly escaped for the warm tropics of the University of Miami (FL), where he dabbled in bacterial genetics and crystallography, earning a degree in Biochemistry & Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Immunology, and German (because why not?). His graduate training at Duke University focused on DNA tumor virology in primary cells and RNA dynamics during early vs. late infection. After completing his tour of the east coast, JT’s current endeavor at IU under Lord GEZ involves studying TBP and TBP-related factor function using CRISPR and epigenomic techniques. He looks forward to applying new molecular and computational techniques toward his greater interest in protein:nucleic acid interactions in disease and across species.

Outside of science, Jay enjoys walking, hiking, and cooking with his longtime partner Stephanie and learning new hobbies, the latest welding and metal work.