28 November
Our work on Mediator regulation of sn/snoRNA transcription has been published in Molecular and Cellular Biology.

1 August
The Zentner Lab has been awarded an R35 MIRA by NIGMS to continue work on the function and regulation of Mediator!


6 October
Congratulations to Bob on his first publication in the Zentner Lab, a review on enzymatic approaches to genome-wide mapping of protein-DNA interactions in Briefings in Functional Genomics. Check it out here.

3 October
Bob passed his prelim exam and is now a PhD candidate!

19 May
In collaboration with the group of Mike Wade from the section of Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior in the IU Department of Biology, we've published a population genetic analysis of the effects of natural genetic variation and inbreeding on the propagation of CRISPR/Cas9-based gene drives. Check out the paper in Science Advances and the accompanying IU press release.

9 January
The Zentner Lab is happy to welcome two new grad students, JiHye Kim and Moustafa Saleh! Both are pursuing a Ph.D. through the GCDB graduate program.


20 December
Our Mediator study was highlighted by Faculty of 1000.

26 October
Our recent study on genome-wide mapping of the essential coactivator complex Mediator by ChEC-seq, performed in collaboration with the groups of Steve Hahn and Steve Henikoff has been published in the EMBO Journal.

18 May
The Zentner Lab is happy to welcome visiting scholar Sungyun Kang! Sungyun comes to us from the lab of Victor Lobanenkov at NIAID.


18 December
The Zentner Lab has its first grad student! Bob Policastro has joined the lab to pursue his Ph.D. in Genome, Cell, and Developmental Biology.

22 October
Our paper on a new method for genome-wide mapping of protein-DNA interactions, chromatin endogenous cleavage and high-throughput sequencing (ChEC-seq), has been published in Nature Communications.

2 September
We're happy to welcome Research Associate Jay Tourigny to the lab! He comes to us from Durham, NC, where he earned a Master's degree in Genetics and Genomics with a focus on Virology from Duke University.

12 June
I'll be moving to Bloomington mid-August, just in time for grad student orientation week. I'm very excited to be a part of the IU Biology community! In the meantime, I'm doing everything I can to get my lab ready to go remotely. As a first step, I've created this website using the great templates provided by Bootstrap along with nifty Glyphicons.